Were you aware that Common Core tracks not only the educational progress of students during their K-12 life but also keeps includes “personality traits, behavior patterns and even fingerprints.” The state of Pennsylvania was one of the first proponents of this data mining framework.  But isn’t knowing a child’s behavior pattern good for the child so that the teacher can create an educational environment that will help the student excel? What about finger printing? I remember being finger printed as a child in school.

Tracy Ramey, of Pennsylvanians against Common Core wrote a letter to Gov. Tom Corbett to “shutdown of the state’s Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) in all 500 school districts.”

Can you guess what type of information is held in PIMS?

“The personally identifiable information includes information on every student’s personality, attitudes, values, beliefs, and disposition, a psychological profile called Interpersonal Skills Standards and anchors.”

“This data has been illegally obtained through deceptive means without the parents’ knowledge or consent through screening, evaluations, testing, and surveys. These illegal methods of information gathering were actually fraudulently called ‘academic standards’ on the [Pennsylvania] Department of Education website portal.”

Gee, do you want our children to grades on their religious beliefs or dispositions? It is obvious that Common Core wants to do more that educate the next generation they truly want to indoctrinate the next generation. Will a child get a failing grade for their morals and religious beliefs? Will the children be educated in such a way as to discount the morals and religious beliefs that the parents want to instill in them?

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