The Des Moines Register publicly endorsed on October 27, 2012 Mitt Romney over Obama. . This was not a light hearted decisions the editors made. This is first time since Nixon in 1972 that the Des Moines Register has endorsed a Republican candidate for president. You have to ask yourself….WHY?  Well, lets look at what the Register wrote in the October 27, 2012 Romney endorsement article.

Our discussion repeatedly circled back to the nation’s single most important challenge: pulling the economy out of the doldrums, getting more Americans back in the workforce in meaningful jobs with promising futures, and getting the federal government on a track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands.

Under Obama everything that shouldn’t rise has risen because of his policies. Unemployment has risen because of Obama and the deficit is now in the trillions. And sadly there is a rise in women who are poor. In 2008 the Des Moines Register endorsed Obama because he said he could heal America domestically and internationally. Here is Des Moines reason for endorsing Obama in 2008.

Obama outlined a bold, hopeful vision for America:

“Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age. … Let’s be the generation that ensures our nation’s workers are sharing in our prosperity. … Let’s be the generation that ends poverty in America. … Let’s be the generation that finally tackles our health-care crisis. … Let’s be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil

Obama has earned the Register’s endorsement for the presidency because of his steadfastness in the face of uncertainty, his clear-eyed vision for a more just America and his potential for rallying the country to do great things.

Since his first visits to Iowa, Obama has correctly emphasized improved public schools and greater access to college as the investment that will buoy the American economy long-term. He favors a progressive tax policy, taxing those at the very highest rungs of income a little more to provide a little more help to those on the bottom rungs.

An Obama presidency presents the best hope for a unified America that aspires to greatness again.

Sadly Obama has failed to reach any of his goals. In fact, the Register writes about Obama’s past 4 years:

The president’s best efforts to resuscitate the stumbling economy have fallen short. Nothing indicates it would change with a second term in the White House.

Barack Obama rocketed to the presidency from relative obscurity with a theme of hope and change. A different reality has marked his presidency. His record on the economy the past four years does not suggest he would lead in the direction the nation must go in the next four years.

For Obama the Register only wrote about what Obama hoped to do. For Romney the Register writes about his resume and what he actually has accomplished concerning business and politics. This is what the American people are looking for in our next president.

The former governor and business executive has a strong record of achievement in both the private and the public sectors. He was an accomplished governor in a liberal state. He founded and ran a successful business that turned around failing companies. He successfully managed the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Throughout the campaign, he has expressed faith in the private sector to fuel a more robust economic recovery if it has more confidence that the federal government will not be an obstacle. Romney has a strategy for job growth through tax and regulatory relief for small businesses, encouraging all forms of domestic energy production, education that prepares graduates with job skills, expanding foreign trade and reducing the burden of federal deficits.

That formula, coupled with his business acumen, should unlock this nation’s economic potential.

Romney succeeded as governor in Massachusetts where he faced Democratic majorities in the legislature.

What are your thoughts?