On Thursday, November 20 at 8pm (EST) Obama will bestow all the rights and privileges enumerated in the US Constitution for American citizens onto 5 million illegal foreigners in the United States. In short, Obama will tell the world that the US now has an official open door policy for all those who want to reside premaritally in the United States.  The illegal has become legal and border patrol officers will now serve as border traffic cops.

So how will Obama’s Amnesty help America?  The economy is in the tank. Black americans can’t find jobs and their unemployment rate is twice as high as it is for white americans. Business owners don’t see an economic environment where they need to hire new employees. The Obama administration has made it clear that is doesn’t support small businesses and as such business owners can’t take a risk on “investing” in a new employee’s potential.

Obama’s Amnesty will flood the market with unskilled labor who are more than willing to work for minimum wage. Because unskilled labor can be trained quickly business owners have a no good reason to keep anyone making over minimum wage.  In fact, it will be more profitable to fire all employees who make one penny more than minimum wage.

So what happens then? Will Obama make an executive decree that you can’t fire employees and then hire a different person at a lower wage? Will Obama create federal jobs for the newly minted citizens so that unemployment rates are not increased? Will the american economy start to boom? Will the deficit start to shrink because of the Obama Amnesty? Will black communities see less crime? Will young black americans want to stay in school in order to find a career?