Who would have guessed that an American President would ignore requests for backup and support from our Military.  Obama is the Commander and Chief. One of his jobs is to protect American interests. Giving the military support in their time of need is an American interest priority. Obama failed the military and has failed the American people. More importantly Obama failed Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens. Their request fell on deaf ears only because it wasn’t convient of Obama to say yes.

Obama’s Benghazi cover up has set new precedence.  He can now boldly say what he has thought all along.

“If you die because I didn’t send backup just know I’m getting beter at golf.”

“Take my photo and keep it with you. When you ask for backup you’ll know who said, ‘No.'”

“I repeat, ‘Every Soldier here can SUCK IT because I won’t send backup and lie to your parents about it.'”

“If you request help in the midst of battle just know I won’t care.”

“If you need me. I may let you die and then lie to your parents to protect me.”

“Can you guess how much I care if a soldier requests backup in the middle of a battle.”

“When the Military requests my help I’ll just tell them to ‘SUCK IT'”