In light of the Benghazi coverup it’s despicable to think that President Obama’s 2009 commencement address to the U.S. Naval Academy was filled with promises of support and gratitude. He promised to equip and support soldiers. However, when Obama heard the call for help from his soldiers in Benghazi he wondered how to raise more money to win an election. When he thanked family members of the graduates that day little did they know that 3 years later he would blatantly lie to the faces of similar military families to protect himself.

Obama congratulated each graduate with a handshake  for their “self-discipline over self-interest; work over comfort; and character over celebrity.” Yet Obama gave the order to not send help and told others willing to go into harms way to assist to stand down. There is no honorable character in Obama.

Obama has undermined the American values that have helped make America the beacon of hope for individual freedom and liberty. Sadly Obama not only undermined the trust of the American people and the soldiers but has energized our enemies and has endangered our national security.

America called Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens to help protect and preserve American values and interests. Sadly they paid the ultimate sacrifice because Obama would rather try stay 4 more years in the White House rather than help 4 soldiers live the rest of their lives.


Below is selected text from President Obama’s commencement address to the U.S. Naval Academy:  Please read with Benghazi in mind.

And today, this is the promise I make to you. It’s a promise that as long as I am your Commander-in-Chief, I will only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy and the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support that you need to get the job done.

But most of all, most of all I’ve admired the spirit of your service, because it’s not the strength of our arms or the power of our technology that gives the United States our military dominance — it’s our people. It’s our sailors and Marines, soldiers and airmen and Coast Guardsmen who perform brilliantly in every mission we give them.

And families, today is your day, too. It’s the latest in a line of proud firsts: the first time you saw your son or daughter with that Navy haircut, that first time you saw them in their summer whites, and today the first time you’ll see them as officers.

So to all of you moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, and all the local sponsor families who opened your homes to these midshipmen -— thank you for your support and for your patriotism.We are grateful. (Applause.)

America, look at these young men and women. Look at these sailors and Marines. Here are the values that we cherish. Here are the ideals that endure. In an era when too few citizens answer the call to service, to community or to country, these Americans choose to serve. They did so in a time of war, knowing they might be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Indeed, as we near Memorial Day, we pay tribute to all those who have given their lives so that we might live free, including those aboard that Navy helicopter who were lost this week in the waters off California. We send our prayers to their families and to all who loved them.

[The American Military has] embraced the virtues that we need most right now: self-discipline over self-interest; work over comfort; and character over celebrity.

Because when America strays from our values, it not only undermines the rule of law, it alienates us from our allies, it energizes our adversaries, and it endangers our national security and the lives of our troops.