A number of Utility Crews are on standby in the North East because they do not have permission to help. The reason? They aren’t card carrying union members. That’s right the safety and health of survivors from Hurricane Sandy can only be accomplished with employees who pay the dues.

Didn’t Obama make a few calls while prancing around with Gov. Chris Christie to cut through the red tape of government and regulations?

Take a look at this. New Yorkers are dumpster diving for food because there isn’t any electricity. With electricity you can boil water, you can heat your home, you can turn the lights on, you can purchase fuel for your car and you can just feel better about your situation. But who cares, only union hands have the special touch…no,no,no …union hands are the hands of artisans in which customers are willing to wait for perfection.

In light of this don’t forget the a union-engineered work slowdown of snow plows in New York Dec 26-27 when snow plows didn’t do there job. As a result, a new born baby died because Emergency crews were not able to get to the home for 10 hours.