If I were gay I would find every every evangelical christian business owner and Southern Baptist mega church and ask if they would help with my wedding or commitment ceremony. If there was just a hint of an objection I would sue them until they there was no more money in the till or in the pockets of the parishioners.

Can you imagine how much money I could make this year? Or better yet maybe I could get small businesses to lower their prices for me with the threat of a suit. Yes, the former is blackmail but if a gay couple can sue a cake maker and a wedding photographer for saying “no” then why pay attention to the details.

I understand why Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062 which “provides legal protection to business owners who refuse service to gays . . . . that would substantially burden their exercise of religion.” She’s responsible for the economy of Arizona and who wants to be responsible for Apple not hiring 2000 employees? American Airlines told Jan Brewer that the gay community will boycott travel and hurt the Arizona economy further. With threats like that how can any governor say yes to a small business’ right to allow their conscience to guide their business practices?


I’ve got a question. If there is a conscience clause to allow those in health care to refuse to perform a “legal role or responsibility” because of a personal or moral belief then why can’t a business that offers services for couples of traditional weddings say no to gay weddings?