In light of what is happening in New York and New Jersey Obama believes he is the Champion that American individuals need. He is the champion that will protect their innocence and wallets when times get tough. There certainly a place for government in the lives of individuals. No one in their right mind believes that the government shouldn’t get involved in hostage situations, rescues, civil law and etc. The purpose of government is to help secure and create an environment where individuals can strive and freely live in a way that’s best for them.


Obama wants to be the Champion to the down trodden. Is this new? Was he not their champion for the past 4 years? He’s been a champion alright. Obama’s the champion for more families on welfare, higher unemployment, lower wages per household, lower wages for women, middle east conflicts and unrest, higher taxes for the middle class, household income crushing healthcare reform, National security weakness and successful terrorist targets just to name a few.

QUESTION: Obama talks about being a champion for the wait staff at restaurants. They don’t make much money and hence Obama wants to be their champion. They typically don’t have health insurance because of the cost. How is forcing them to purchase insurance with money they don’t have (and fining them if they don’t purchase) being a champion for them.

This is why Obama is delusional