I shouldn’t be amazed but today @barackobama sent the 5 reasons he should be re-elected in the tweet:

“President Obama’s leadership has made America stronger, safer and more secure than we were four years ago.”

What’s amazing is that all 5 mean nothing to America and our prosperity. When I write prosperity I don’t just mean money in the pocket of the average joe family.

Prosperity covers all aspects from the economy to a foreign policy that protects American interests around the world.

Funny how this list is specific on that which doesn’t matter an vague on what should matter.  Take a read and you’ll see what I mean.

Here are the 5 and why they don’t matter.

Ended the war in Iraq

Last time I checked there are still troops in the Middle East. Life in America since the first time troops were sent has been the same. This doesn’t help America with our security or economy.

Brought Osama bin Laden to justice

This just shows how pathetic Obama’s political correctness policy is (sorry grammarians). Does this mean that America kills everyone who’s been brought to justice. Of course, not. Obama is more concerned about how people feel than he is protecting the American Constitution and our interests.

Bush’s shock and awe strategy reminded terrorists why they shouldn’t attack America and why they didn’t start back.  Since Obama started in office America has seen an increase in terrorists attack near and far.

In fact, Obama openly welcomes terrorists AKA Muslim Brotherhood into the white house. I don’t see how this “leadership” has helped anyone but our enemies.

Bringing our troops home from Afghanistan

Yes he’s bringing troops home but to say he’s bringing them home from Afghanistan is like saying he’s bringing home a platoon from a particular battle.  I thought a President would say the goal of war is to bring home the troops.

Restoring America’s standing around the world

I’d like to know how our standing in the world has increased with our debt in trillions, high unemployment, and increased terrorist attacks on our soil and sovereign land.

Reducing the threat of loose nuclear material

I’m sorry but how has this helped?

What are your thoughts?