There’s only one simple reason why a cease fire shouldn’t exist between Israel and Hamas.

HAMAS DOESN”T CARE ABOUT LIVING in peace with Israel. There world view and motivation every morning that they get out of bed is to destroy Israel and wipe them off the face of the earth. They hate Jews. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is world domination. I’m not saying this with hyperbole. The teachings of Muhammad found in the Qur’an espouse a world theocracy. Every law and government should be seen through the light a sharia law.

What will be gained from a cease fire? Will Hamas vow to stop bombing Israel? Will Hamas accept Israel as a sovereign country.  Will Hamas agree that the citizens of Israel have the right to live as they see fit? The answer is no.

Israel needs to notify the civilians in the Gaza Stripe that at such and such time they are going to bomb Hamas into the ground. Hamas needs an education on what happens when you attack a civilized people.