Throughout the Obama and Romney campaigns for Presidency their was nonstop talk and accusations that the GOP had a war on women. Over and over the story was told of how old white republicans wanted to control what happened to women with their pants on and off. All that was yelled was, “War on Women, War on Women” yet it was never explained what that war was.  This war on women can be summed up in two statements.

  • The GOP won’t force companies to offer contraceptives for free to women like the Democrats would.
  • The GOP won’t allow women to have abortions at will like the Democrats would.

It’s not important that women could buy their own contraceptives at will at their local drugstore. Since they couldn’t get it for free by forcing the cost on tax payers women are somehow denied their constitutional rights.  And if they do get pregnant then they should have the right to kill that child via abortion anytime from day one through the day the child will be born.

Well, the CDC celebrated this week that abortions have gone down. Although that is good it doesn’t bring up stats on women dying from legal abortions. In 2008, deaths from legal abortions doubled. What? Democrats want to do away with the 2nd Amendment every time someone is accidentally shot or when someone shoots in a crowded room. However, when the rate of women dying because of abortions they say nothing. The reason is probably because if women could just eat the morning after pill on Saturday and Sunday mornings with their eggs then they wouldn’t be a need for doctors to perform abortions.